Diese Seite ermöglicht es Ihnen neü Artikel in NATS zu sehen, die durch Programm Eigentümer erstellt worden. Diese neün Artikel können auch neü Entwicklungen, Ankündigungen, nützliche Informationen für Ihr Partner-Konto, oder etwas anderes, dass der Programm Besitzer wählt sein. Verwenden Sie die neüsten Schlagzeilen auf der linken Seite, um einen Newsbeitrag zu lesen; der volle Newsbeitrag wird daraufhin auf der rechten Seite angezeigt, zusammen mit dem Datum, an dem es veröffentlicht wurde, im Ansicht News-Artikel Modul. Neuigkeiten

New Hosted Animated Flash Banners Available - February 03rd, 2010
New flash banners have been added to These animated banners are hosted and ready to cut and paste into your site. Native size for the flash banners is 650w x 150h, but they scale pretty well.

Check 'em out now in the fortsetzen...
Brand New Tool: Check out the Affiliate Model Directory - January 26th, 2010
Brand spanking new from the Affiliate Model Directory is now in beta! The new Affiliate Model Directory is an universal SCORE directory that gives you access to the following features:

1) Search for Models with Promo Content:
   a) Find image, clips, or... fortsetzen...
New Host and CDN - January 25th, 2010
We are currently working on moving our promotional material to a new host and CDN this week. The new CDN will allow us to provide faster-loading promo material to you and our customers.

The move may temporarily affect the accessibility of content including hosted galleries, trailers, downloadable... fortsetzen...
Latest Happenings at! - October 22nd, 2009
Check Out Our Latest Sites! is out! Hardcore amateur teens site with 100% exclusive fresh content. is out! 100%... fortsetzen...
Backend Update - October 02nd, 2009
I'm currently working on our templates to optimize some of the heavier page loads. You may notice some slight layout changes or tweaks (particularly on IE) that will be corrected shortly.

Thank you for your patience.
Ralph T.
Detailed Join & Rebill Notifications Now Available - September 17th, 2009
Dear partners. We've updated our join and rebill notifications by email to include more specific data about the user. Now, you'll be able to see the join option selected, biller agent, the referring URL, as well as the subscription details for the user.

Here's a sample email:
... fortsetzen...
Price Updates for Hot Sellers - September 04th, 2009
UPDATE: We've added, our latest mature niche top-seller to the list of sites to include trials.

We've implemented trials and bumped the price of 6 of our latest, top sellers. New price points include: (milf XXX)
- $2.95 3-day trial, $29.95... fortsetzen...
Rebills $0 Display Issue - August 28th, 2009
Friday update:
We encountered a reporting issue with older imported rebills from NATS3 over the weekend that we are currently working on a fix for. If you see $0 payout on rebills this is caused by this issue.

Our NATS tech is working with us to correct the display error by today (Friday).... fortsetzen...
Embedded Videos Update! - August 13th, 2009
Now available for those of you wanting to save on bandwidth and are craving for hot movie content: Embedded videos are now available. Grab your embed codes from the Ad Tools > Downloadable Content >... fortsetzen...
New Products Feed for VOD & Online Store - August 11th, 2009
We have updated our product feeds! This new customizable tool will provide you with our latest and hottest DVDs, VODs, magazines, toys, and other products featured at and


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